Right to Self-Defense


151 years before Tamir, Jamar, Sandra, Freddie, Eric, Michael, Trayvon. On December 30, 1864, America’s first Black daily denounced police brutality. “THE COLORED MEN, ATTACKED WITHOUT ANY EXCUSE WHATEVER, ARE NATURALLY PROMPTED TO DEFEND THEMSELVES. PERSONAL DEFENSE IS NOT ONLY A RIGHT, BUT A DUTY.” The December 30, 1864 editorial observed “The city keeps a respectable number of policemen who frequently take the part of the white party without any consideration of right and justice. Is it for the purpose of oppressing that the city keeps a large force? Is it by arresting and molesting the innocent party, in joining in unlawful and unprovoked assaults that the force is to be used? Even colored soldiers are not free from molestation.” #‎BlackHistoryMatters. #‎BlackHistory. ‪#‎CivilRights